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Demo: Orderbook and Orderbook derivatives produced by TrueScale.

At Level 1, the orderbook is presented in a straightforward format, offering valuable data such as current seller’s and buyers’ positions, buy and sell orders, profit ratios, order ratios, prediction of order/profit ratios depending on 10 and 50 levels up or down move in price and many more.

At Level 2, the information is depicted through symbols on the TRUEX exchange, visible on the TradingView platform. Level 2 data includes stop-losses for buyers and sellers, possible support and resistance, overbought and oversold levels, advance profit ratios, increase and decrease in order execution, net and cumulative order execution, amount of open orders, positions and traders sentiment and many more.

For brokers, there’s an opportunity to participate in the TrueScale Brokers Transparency Program (TSBTP). TSBTP is designed to offer retail and institutional traders a clear and transparent market report.

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