Our condulances to those who lost their loved ones during 9/11.

research team, TrueScale.

Almost 21 years after the 9/11 terrorist attack on two gorgeous towers of WTC, this barbaric action still influences our daily life and economic environment.

After the attack, we become more aware of people who see us as potential targets to squinch their thirst for blood. Suddenly, we wake up from a dream that anybody wants to live a peaceful life to a reality that some men like to see the world in chaos. Now, with tighter security, it has become so much harder for these unholy souls to conduct their terroristic actions on a large scale.

After years of peace, almost immediately, the US shifted its course to become a state at war, and Pres. Bush become a war president to eliminate forces that threatened the stability and security of the US and unite the nation. So far, this initiative has achieved what it was aimed to at the expense of those who sacrificed their lives to suppress those with cruel intentions in their heart. Terrorists are like cancer cells, they spread in absence of drugs. This was what the US before Biden believed in.

As Americans sent the message that they will defend their country and punish the culprits, terrorist states started to shift course by using propaganda and spreading misinformation to reduce the damage, the most important of them was stating that the attack was a secret US operation to start wars. The next stage of this misinformation war was to compel the public opinions that the US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq is unjustified, so they can root there and revive terrorist groups.

Last year, the departure of coalition soldiers from Afghanistan, which was a disaster, shook the foundations of US leadership and undermined its political and military power, which resulted in more instability and the war in Ukraine. An unstable world creates an unstable economy, as uncertainty and risk grow and demand more insurance on any type of security, which means slower economic growth and the need for constant CB intervention in markets. Thus, it is only a matter of time to seeing CBs resume easing policies.

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