Benefits of Paid Services

Marginal certainty over Disclaimers

In the world of finance, uncertainty looms ahead of any investment. However, when someone or a firm considers themselves a professional investor or trader, they should be able to provide decent and accurate data with a limited margin of error and uncertainty. If you are taking your advice from a source that denies any responsibility, that is a major red flag. Moreover, The data itself will not help, if it is processed in the wrong way.

Disclaimer: The content of this video or podcast is only for educational purpose and …

Every Financial Guru and Finance Youtube Channel!

What kinds of data do we provide in the Confidence and Bubble Observatory?

Here is the list of symbols:

  • XAUUSD – Gold – GLD
  • XAGUSD – Silver – SLV
  • Natural Gas
  • S&P 500 – SPX
  • VIX
  • TSLA – Tesla
  • Bitcoin – BTC
  • USDIRT – USD to Iranian Tomans
  • Iran Stock Market Total Index

What kinds of data do we provide in the Collapsing Economies Tracker?

Here is the list of countries you can see economic data for:

  • Iran
  • Venezuela

What kinds of data do we provide in paid analyses?

Here is the list of analyses you will get:

  • Access to our Financial Models’ output
  • Retail Traders’ Sentiment + Data
  • Institutional Traders’ Sentiment
  • Valid Technical Analysis
  • Key Fundamental Reasons to Own a particular asset
  • Open Interest of Retail Traders
  • Profit Ratio of Retail Traders
  • Increase Or Decrease in Trading Activity
  • Analyses of Emerging Markets’ Economic
  • Valid Data on Emerging Markets’ Economic

How can our paid analysis articles help you with your Trading or Investment?

By publishing these articles, our goal is not to provide exact entry points or stop loss for you to trade, which is an impossible mission to achieve in a non-interactive environment, but to give you the finest trading data which is highly competitive with institutional one. Thus, it is up to you to manage the risk, leverage, and position size to your benefit. However, if you exclude leverage from your trading and follow our instructions, you will be rewarded at the end of each trade.