Throughout our longstanding journey, we’ve come to realize that change is an integral aspect of any evolving ecosystem. In recent years, we’ve undergone numerous transformations aimed at enhancing our services and products. Notably, we recently upgraded the services available to our free users, and now it’s time to extend these improvements to our paid users.

Today marks the implementation of a significant enhancement – the replacement of the Collapsing Economic Tracker with an interactive dashboard featuring live data. This dashboard empowers you to customize and manipulate data according to your preferences, providing a more dynamic and user-friendly experience.

In the upcoming weeks, these advancements will also be integrated into our newsletters. Consequently, the previous format of newsletters will be discontinued, making way for a more streamlined and interactive approach. Rest assured, while the previous newsletters will no longer be published, they will remain accessible as valuable repositories of information. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the content and ensuring continued access to the wealth of invaluable information contained within it.

Stay tuned for more.

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