Over the past two years, Truescale’s Financial Research Institute has diligently strived to empower both retail and institutional traders by furnishing them with invaluable insights to enhance their portfolio management and gain a competitive edge in trading. This commitment has been manifested through an array of articles, programs, services, and engaging discussions on social media platforms.

Our service analytics underscore that a significant portion of our client base comprises Financial Institutions. These entities, well-versed in conducting their due diligence, seek our guidance and the exchange of perspectives. Their willingness to invest in our services is evident, given the substantial assets they manage. However, the same cannot be said for retail traders, who have often fallen victim to misleading financial pundits, talking heads on television, and even unscrupulous financial advisors, resulting in substantial losses to their initial investments. We must add that we are amazed by the number of bots on different platforms spreading propaganda and marketing for useless Tokens or platforms, and most of them went bankrupt.

Furthermore, the data provided in our premium programs can be rather intricate, demanding a deep understanding of financial markets, replete with technical jargon that often befuddles retail traders.

In response to these challenges, TrueScale is embarking on a new approach toward retail traders, which encompasses the following key initiatives:

  1. Liberating the Premium Version: We will make symbols available in our Premium confidence and bubble observatory accessible for free. (done 2023/09/05)
  2. Enhancing Data Access: To facilitate retail traders’ access to critical information, we will progressively increase the data limit for the retail positioning tool. (increased from 200 to 500 epochs on 2023/09/20)(increased from 500 to 1500 epochs on 2023/10/4)
  3. Software access: We have considered distributing our liquidity indicator at a huge discount.
  4. Unveiling Resources: Our World economic indicators and US economic indicators will become free. (done 2024/01/01)

Moreover, we are taking another significant step to enrich the trading experience for both retail traders and institutional investors. We are excited to announce the launch of our new newsletter, the Market Situation Report, affectionately abbreviated as “Market SITREP“. This newsletter will diverge from the typical institutional-level data analysis and instead, distill complex information into easily digestible insights for retail traders. It will be presented through clear, concise charts and key levels to monitor, accompanied by succinct explanations. (done 2023/09/06 link: here)

Through these initiatives, we aspire to contribute to the growth and empowerment of retail traders who have often been taken advantage of by unscrupulous actors in the financial industry. Our commitment remains unwavering as we strive to create a more equitable trading landscape for all.

Rest assured, our commitment to providing data and financial newsletters to our institutional members remains steadfast and unchanged. The format and quality of our financial newsletters tailored for institutional clients will remain consistent with our previous standards. This ensures that our institutional members continue to receive the comprehensive and in-depth analysis they rely on to make informed decisions in the financial markets.

These changes will be applied starting from 5th September 2023.

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